Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rotational vs Mob Grazing

I posted these pics to show the difference between rotational and mob grazing. The cows escaped and we were able to get them back into a 30 acre paddock where they stayed for 3 days. You can clearly see how they spot grazed the pasture (left side of fence), picking some places into the ground and leaving others barely touched. Compare that to the right side of the fence that was mob grazed, 1 day on 10 acres. It's amazing how much better utilization you can get moving each day versus even every 3 days.

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  1. So the key to mob grazing is smaller paddocks and more frequent moves? High stock density + short grazing time? Do you remember how many cattle you mob grazed the 10 acres with? I understand you have a very large place. Will this work on a micro scale (like total of 100 acres) if the paddocks were say an acre instead of 10 acres? Have you ever had a problem with the cattle poisoning themselves on a noxious weed?