Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More death...

Just an update. We've lost 4 more calves to what we think is BRD (certainly respiratory related), the weather went from one of the cooler May's on record May 1-18 to 90+ degree days. It's been a challenging spring. We also lost another calf that got stomped to death under the shade...this has to be a death that's directly attributable to the "mob" and it's our second death due to "stomping". We've treated over 80 head of calves and lost (guessing) around 30 (out of about 350...we've got 600 cows but some of those were purchased pairs with bigger calves and we haven't treated any of those calves). Actually the overwhelming majority of calves we've treated and/or lost have been Charolais cross calves out of our 7-8 year old northern sourced Angus cows. The numbers are ugly.

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