Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Additional Benefit of Mob Grazing

Even though the current mob contains twice the number of cows that we were running just 3 short years ago, we have only grazed about half of the ranch this year. So I have partnered with a local seed cutter to cut fescue seed off of the half that we haven't gotten to yet. The seed is pretty heavy and I'm hopeful it will produce well. A huge advantage to us is that we can get the seed heads off the grass. Fescue seed causes all sorts of eye problems and is the primary location of the endophyte that produces all sorts of problems in cattle. This is clearly a win-win situation. We will likely have over 700 acres of ungrazed pasture cut for seed in the next couple of weeks. This is clearly an advantage of mob grazing...we would likely not have this opportunity with any other grazing system.

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