Saturday, June 12, 2010

Forage update in one word..."Incredible"

The grass/forage that we have this year is simply unbelievable. We have never had the quantity and quality of growth that we have this year, and it has nothing to do with weather (it's actually been a little dry). The incredible improvement can only be attributed to the mob grazing we've done, beginning last year. If I used the word "miraculous" it would be an understatement. We have pastures that look to be pushing 2.5-3 tons per acre production of the most beautiful, dark green forage you could imagine (fescue, orchard grass, various legumes and grasses I've never even seen before). It's actually difficult to drive the four wheeler through some areas the grass is so thick and heavy. The only places that could use improvement are the side hills. Many of the side hills look like the entire ranch looked a few years ago, thin, light green grass with little undergrowth. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the results we've seen from a forage standpoint. Even the pastures we grazed in late April and May have grown up to the point that the grass is so thick and heavy that it's laying over...and it will be 3-4 more months before we get back to graze it. Simply phenomenal.

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    I’d like to say to you that I’m impressed and grateful (in equal measure) about your ‘scientific and pragmatic’ approach to your mob grazing strategy.

    Being a ‘hot topic’...lots of people talk about the benefits of this grazing system, but few have the commitment and dedication required to follow through as there are certainly many hurdles along the way, both on the physical and mental areas.

    I ‘felt’ your frustration with its implementation with cows/calves, but you persisted and eventually found a way to adjust the system to this ‘demanding group’ and it’s great that all the hard work has been rewarded with as you described an ‘unbelievable’ pasture/soil.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience with us...all the best for you and your dad.