Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Scours Update

Here are the numbers: lost 3 calves early, lost 6 calves over 3 days when the cows all got out during a storm, lost 5 calves in 2 days when it rained 4 inches in 2 days and was 50 degrees, and currently have a few calves that don't look too good...all in all, not too bad. The weather is what killed the 11 calves we lost last week. We had a very cold rain with no sunshine for around 10 days. I really don't think the mob situation had any impact on losing the calves...if anything, it might have helped. The 6 calves we lost over 3 days happened when all the cows broke out into a 200 acre pasture and we simply couldn't find the sick calves to treat them.

We have very few cows left to calve and it looks like we might be past this scours episode and into the clear. The weather is warm and sunny and the calves are looking good.

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