Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pictures are fun

I know people love pictures and trust me, I take hundreds. The problem is that pictures just really don't do justice to the unbelievable progress we are making on our pastures. The results are just incredible. I think one of the biggest advantages of mob grazing is the utilization of forbs (weeds) that cattle will normally not touch. The question has been asked "do you think this grazing will kill these weeds?" and my answer is always "who cares?" The nutritional value of most forbs equals or exceeds even the best grasses so as long as the cattle will eat them, why do I want to get rid of them? I have pictures of so many different types of eaten weeds that I could never post them all. It's always fun to turn cattle into a paddock that's full of brush and weeds and go back the next day to see the results...it's very rewarding.

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