Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures of Forbs (ok, weeds)

Since moving to mob grazing I've come to refer to plants like these as forbs instead of weeds. As you can tell, they are mostly eaten. I'm not sure what most of the weeds are, but I can tell you that blackberries and musk thistle are just additional forage to my mob. I've seen a few "forbs" that the cattle won't eat but they are few and far between. Mature buckbrush is probably the one weed that they really won't consume...although I've seen them trample and pick at it. They will eat less mature plants. I'm not sure how the "weed" population will be effected by this mob grazing, but I will keep you informed. At the very least, at least the forbs are being utilized. I am using traditional rotational grazing with my cows on this same ranch (3-5 days per paddock) and they aren't touching either the tree sprouts or any of the weeds.

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