Saturday, June 27, 2009

Calf weights

Well we test weighed cattle today, June, 21. We purchased 309 head of stockers on March 23 weighing 727 lbs. Today, 31 of them averaged 869 lbs. So 142 lbs in 88 days = 1.613 adg. Not as good as I had hoped but not bad. I think the very lush clover and rich diet may have restricted gain a bit (I know this sounds counterintuitive but I have read where a lack of dry fiber will inhibit performance when cattle are grazing very lush forage)…we might have been money ahead to supplement some cheap hay as a fiber source. We plan on having these stockers for 20-30 days more and will see how they perform moving forward.

We have 502 home raised stockers running with the 309 purchased ones. They averaged around 530 lbs on March 5. We test weighed 50 of them today, June 21, and they averaged 647 lbs. This is a bit disappointing but I have to say that the 50 that we weighed were not a very representative sample. I’m hoping the overall average is a bit better than this. We’ll be keeping these as well and will see how they perform moving forward.

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