Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winter Mob Grazing Complete

Well I am officially announcing the beginning of Spring. The sun is out, it's hitting 70 degrees and the grass is really starting to green up. A few days ago we finished up the Stocker Pasture and moved into the South Center where we have around 110 acres of stockpiled forage available. We are hoping to get a few weeks of grazing out of it and are anticipating that by then, we can start chasing grass. Current plan is to move to the North Rock Barn pasture where cheat grass is very prevalent. We are wanting to hit it pretty hard to 1. get it while it's good (very short window) and 2. knock it back so other grasses can start.

It's been a very hard winter...the worst on record. We've lost a few cows in the past couple weeks that were poor condition and got down in the recent mud (a few large storms created some mud issues). The cows are 7-8 years old and the winter hit them pretty hard. Hoping to put 1 BCS back on the cows before they start calving at the end of April.

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