Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Wormer - Cold Spring - Shipped Calves

We are trying something a little different this year...we did not worm our cows this spring for the first time. We are hoping to bring back the dung beetles. I have never seen a dung beetle or evidence of dung beetles on any of our ranches. I am hopeful that not worming may bring them back. The plan is to spot treat cows that look wormy, but hopefully we won't treat many.

On a side note, this spring has started off very chilly. The grass greened up a week ago but the temperature fell right back to the upper 40's and low 50's and looks like it will stay there for the next 2 weeks....certainly not ideal growing conditions. Thankfully we still have a few weeks of stockpiled forage available for the cows.

We loaded out the calves today, they sell at Joplin Stockyards March 18. I'm not exactly sure on the numbers but will update in a future blog.

We kept 42 head of weaning age beefmaster cross heifers but honestly, they are pretty small from the horrible winter and I am not confident that we can get them bred. We may sell them in the near future.

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