Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Early Planning

Tomorrow will be the first day we will begin grazing the Stocker Pasture since late summer. The Stocker Pasture has an incredible amount of stockpiled forage that I hope will carry the 414 cows for 30 days. A little over half of the South Center pasture still hasn't been grazed since late summer and the plan is to move there in 30 days to finish graze out as green up looks like there are around 15-20 days of grazing left in the South Center, fantastic stockpiled forage there. We do have addtional areas that have some grazing left (across the road and some in the rock barn pasture) but I hope we don't need to move there.

The plan now is to move through the Stocker Pasture, into the South Center and as green up begins mid April, move into the Cabin pasture and then back through the Stocker Pasture and South Center to calve. That's the plan anyway.

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