Sunday, September 16, 2012

Drought Effects

We got a few good rains at the goat ranch including about 1.5" from the hurricane. We had two other half inch rains and the place has really started to green up (more on that in the next post). I wanted to post these pics of the effects of this years drought on the ranch. I've never seen the ponds this low and we'll need some gully washers to get the kind of runoff needed to fill these ponds up. With the ranch so vibrant and green, it's easy to forget just how devastating this drought has been. Although we've carried more cows at the ranch than we ever have, it's clear this drought has had some serious impact. Interestingly, there is so much litter on the ground due to our mob grazing, that I don't think much water runs off, making it much more difficult to get the ponds full. I would estimate we have at least an inch of litter on top of the ground over virtually the entire ranch. More to come on this.

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