Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forage is extremely valuable

In case you haven't paid much attention to this blog, I will reiterate that when corn is high, the value of your grass is high. When five weights are bringing the same price per cwt as eight weights, your grass is very valuable. In recognizing the premium that will be placed on grass in the near future (a condition I think will persist for some time) I have made the decision to spread a ton of litter per acre ($35 per ton spread cost) over our entire ranch this fall. It's extremely dry right now and we've missed some rains that others in our area have gotten, most of our grass is still completely brown and crispy, but I still think it's a good decision. We'll keep our fingers crossed that we get some rain this fall. You need to think about ways to increase grass production on your ranches given the tremendous value that grass has at this point in time. If there was ever a time when fertilization will pay for itself, now is certainly that time.

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