Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overwintering at Mickeys

This is primarily for record keeping purposes. We over-wintered all of our early weaned calves at Mickeys and the results are below.

April 20th we moved the early weaned calves back to the goat ranch. We hauled 175 hd--7 hd of which were wr 09 hiefers. 168 were b2b calves which means we lost 4 hd while at mickeys. The 168 hd had an avg wt of 444 - which is a total gain of 116# in 180 days for an adg of .64 lbs. In weight was 328# on Oct. 13 - I deducted 4900# from the gross wt, to account for the 7, 700 lb hfrs. Not a good gain with 3 lb per head per day of ddg supplement and a 2.3% death loss. This is very disappointing.

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