Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loose stools and calf scours

I've been told that cows having loose stools contributes to calf scour problems. In an attempt to prevent this, we decided to try to feed some hay during green up...we had a bunch of 2 year old hay that we just haven't had to feed during the winter and wanted to get it used up. Well, the cows simply won't eat it. Even when they have grazed down to the dirt, they've refused to eat much of the hay and although I'm sure I could get them to eventually eat it, I don't want to starve them to get it accomplished (plus I really don't want to eat the grass into the ground). I've even sprayed the hay with molasses and they still won't eat it....and it's decent quality hay. The cows stools of course are very loose as the grass and clover is very rich and high in protein....most stools look like sheet cake instead of the pumpkin pie we shoot for. I'm at a loss as to how to tighten them up.